Your skin deserves only the best

No organ encompasses more of us than our skin. It is with us every day. It protects us. It lets us feel closeness and warmth. It expresses how we feel. It is the true mirror of our soul. Our skin gives us so much. That’s why we only want to give the best back. We know how much your skin accomplishes. When creating our products, we implement only the highest standards for ourselves. We understand the development of skincare products as a holistic process in which every step is carefully co-ordinated.

Because we love your skin 

We don’t just want to develop the best possible products and ingredients, we also want to be able to make them as affordable as possible. Ivory-Cosmetics stands for focusing on what’s really important. Natural and highly effective ingredients. No more and no less. Premium oils and essences form the basis of our unique skincare products. We consciously focus on using few ingredients that have been proven to be effective. We avoid using critical ingredients and create products matched specifically to your skin type. We don’t follow any trends, but use our knowledge, our experience and our abilities solely to serve your skin. We focus on the essentials: what’s right and good for your skin. We think and live every single product anew on a regular basis.

Be Female Be You

Natural and effective 

Ivory-Cosmetics’ recipe for success, which has been prominent through all the company’s history: “More nature and less chemistry”. Using a natural basis and mostly avoiding the use of preservatives has and will continue to guarantee that our products work for all types of skin. Skincare without compromise means…

-       Individual skincare adapted for each skin type for visible results

-       Ideal effectiveness while being compatible with your skin

-       Premium skin care made from the best nature has to offer

-       Guaranteed quality and freshness

-       Development following the latest scientific findings

-       Sustainable and gentle production

Let yourself be surprised by our power to innovate and develop and by our courage to adopt a new, creative approach.

We Celebrate Your Beauty