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allantoin Algae extract Argan oil bisabolol
Ginseng extract Pomegranate extract avocado oil Caviar extract
jojoba oil shea butter Evening primrose oil Aloe vera

A allantoin Anti Age For smoothing out the skin surface
seaweed extract humidity Has a calming effect
Aloe vera plant extract Tightens the skin and counteracts redness and irritation
Argan oil maintenance Anti-aging, Tightens the skin and moisturizes it, Vitamin E
Avocado oil maintenance Oils have a high vitamin content
B Bamboo extract plant extract Preserves the moisture of the skin
bisabolol Basic care substance Bisabolol is an anti-inflammatory agent found in the essential oil of chamomile. In addition, the bisabolol was also demonstrated in an experimental study to have an effect on pigmentation
C Caviar / Caviar caviar extract Caviar, also known as the "black gold" contains high levels of fat and amino acids, zinc, vitamin B and iodine. The active ingredient caviar is an intense wrinkle reducer
China bark tree extract plant extract Strengthening and astringent, leaves the skin feeling pleasant
D D-panthenol vitamin Provides and binds moisture
G Ginseng extract plant extract Smoothes the skin and gives it a silky feeling
Glycerrehtinsäure Basic care substance Active substance from licorice root. Soothes the skin
pomegranate extract plant extract A natural anti-aging agent and thus contributes significantly to skin rejuvenation
H Hibiscus extract plant extract Tightens the skin
hyaluronic acid Anti Age In 3 times active form. Increases skin moisture by 79% in just 2 hours
I Immucell biotechnological Immucell is a yeast extract that activates cell metabolism
J Jasmine extract plant extract Ingredient of noble perfumes. Antiseptic effect
jojoba oil maintenance Permeates the skin well, as it resembles the composition of the skin fat
K Cactus extract plant extract Moisturizing for freshness and vitality
L Lotus flower extract plant extract Refines the skin's texture
M seasilk humidity Silky fibers of maritime origin for suppleness and moisture
N Evening primrose oil maintenance Supplies dry skin with moisture - for a vital skin appearance
sodium lactate minerals Sodium salt of lactic acid - part of the natural moisturizing effect of the skin
O olive Butter maintenance Protects the skin naturally from free radicals while preventing premature aging of the skin
P Pheohydrane humidity Intensive moisturizer with depot effect. Won from the tidal alga
Q Q10 Anti-Age Coenzyme Q10 supports the skin's natural ability to regenerate and visibly reduce the depth of existing wrinkles
S sheap butter maintenance Shea butter is traditionally used in Africa, among other things in skin care
soybean oil maintenance Cares for and makes the skin supple
sorbitol basic care Preserves the moisture of the skin
squalane maintenance Fatty acids have an antioxidant effect and promote smoothness and elasticity
T Dead sea Salt minerals This salt is rich in trace elements and therefore a high quality care product
U urea humidity Essential component of the natural moisture balance of the outer skin layer
V Vitamin A vitamin Counteracts the coarsening of the skin
Vitamin B3 vitamin Group of B vitamins are used for dry skin and support the cellular energy metabolism
Vitamin E vitamin Catches free radicals while reducing irritation and smoothing the skin
Virginian witch hazel plant extract Bark and leaves of the Virginian Witch Hazel are particularly strong astringent and soothing